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Triumph GT6 Mk1 in red photograph at Classic Triumphs

You're now on one of the photograph pages at Classic Triumphs UK. I've had a few old cars, including Standards and Triumphs and have photographed several over the years, including this picture of an old Triumph.
The picture below is of a Triumph GT6 Mk1 in red taken at one of a number of classic car shows around the UK. To see more pictures of Triumph cars like this, please see the main menu. I hope you find this site for fans of classic Triumphs interesting.

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(Image #50) GT6 Mk1 in red photo

Triumph GT6 Mk1 in red
Extra info on this classic Triumph: This is a late Mk1 as the Mk2 came out in 1968 featuring Mk3 style front bumper arrangement and the improved rotoflex back suspension The Mk1 with swing axle suspension and heavy 6 cylinder engine up front could be prone to oversteer sharply if provoked

There are many more photos of collectible old Triumphs similar to this one of an old GT6 Mk1 in red - please see the lefthand menu for more

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